Constant Follow Up Is A Pain

There is a better way

To make a sale you will have to build trust and relevance with people who are interested in the transformation you offer. You may talk to dozens of people and have to maintain a relationship with them over months for them to finally buy from you. But do you really have the time for hundreds of coffee meetings, the endless scheduling of meetings, and constant follow-up and check-ins? There is a better way: automated email.

Why Automated Email Works

Email is the most powerful tools for engagement.

  • It is immediate: in their inbox when they want it.

  • It is direct and personal: you write to an individual so it feels personal.

  • Automations take care of the follow-up so that you can focus on delivery.

  • Prospects can try out your content and unsubscribe themselves.

  • Automated email is like adding a full time sales person, for a few hundred dollars a year.

The Solution: The Email Machine

This is a structured approach to email follow up that engages your prospects, builds trust and relevance, and does this without your intervention.  You operate and tune the machine rather than stay stuck in constant follow-up and email writing. 

The Email Machine

An automated approach to engaging prospects and turning them into raving fans.

  • Build Relationships

    Marketing is like dating - you build trust and deepen the relationship. Email is an effective tool for building a relationship engaging your prospects and turning them into customers.

  • Take The Work Out of Follow Up

    Learn to automate your engagement, ramp it up and down according to the needs of your prospects and do this automatically.

  • Support, Inspire and Be There For Your Customers

    Email is a powerful way to be there for your customers after they buy - it is direct, powerful and the right content at the right time.

What you get

Overview of the machine, how and why it works.

  • Overview of the machine, how and why it works

  • Introduction to all of the various queues.

  • Instruction on how to create the queues

  • Campaign creation templates.

  • 25+ done-for-you campaign templates to get you started

  • More clients for your business and more time for YOU

  • BONUS: I will share all of my Active Campaign automations with you so you don't even have to create them

  • Two hours of Implementation support

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Machine

  • 2

    The Welcome Series

    • Introduction to the welcome series

    • Lead Magnet Builder

    • Build Your Welcome Series

    • Welcome Series Templates

    • Create Your Welcome Series

    • Add Address to Active Campaign

    • Add the welcome automation

  • 3

    Engagement and Ascension

    • Engagement Video Introduction

    • Engagement Series Planner

    • Engagement Templates

    • Engagement Campaigns Overview

    • Client Support Overview

    • Ascension and Support

    • Client Intake Template

  • 4

    Relationship Series

    • Overview of the Relationship and Segmentation Series

    • Segmentation Campaigns

    • The Relationship / Segmentation Campaigns

    • Planning Your Long Term Relationship Series

    • One Year Planning Template

  • 5


    • Re-engagement Overview

    • How the Re-engagement Campaigns Work

    • Re-engagement Templates

    • Re-Engagement Campaign Detail

  • 6

    General Tips

    • Marketing Primer

    • Warm Up A Cold List

    • Craft A Subject Line

  • 7

    Active Campaign Implementation

    • Add Your Address in Active Campaign

    • Explain the Welcome Series Template

    • Adding Important Lists

    • Import Automations


If you feel that you aren't getting value from the course I will refund your money up to 15 days after the course starts.     

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