The Brand Story Course

  • The Formula For Connecting

    Learn our innovative story-based messaging formula that turns your marketing around, makes it about them and attracts customers to you.

  • Step by Step Guide

    Models, examples, and templates that guide you step by step through creating your story.

  • Support

    We are here for you, we answer your questions, meet with you to review your story, and ensure that you are creating the marketing message you need.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Workshop Materials

    • Brand Story Exercises

  • 3

    Define Your Character

    • Define the Character of Your Story

    • Coca Cola Commercial

    • User Persona Template Fillable

    • Character (Persona) Template

    • Engage Persona Example

    • Specify the Villain - What Is Standing In the Way

    • Internal Villain Template

    • Character Transformation

    • Transformation Examples

    • Before and After Grid - Define the Transformation

    • Submit Your Persona and Transformation

  • 4

    Your Solution - How You Solve The Problem

    • Why You - Your Why

    • Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders Inspire Action (Start with Why)

    • Why You - Your Authority

    • Why You - Your Authority

    • Your Program - How You Make Your Character Complete

    • Submit Your Why, Your Authority and Your Program

  • 5

    BONUS: How to Create Your Signature Program

    • Introduction to Creating Your Signature Program

    • Overview Steps to Create Your Signature Program

    • Introduction to the Signature Program

    • Signature program template

    • Red Sapiens Signature Program Example

    • Wellness Program Signature Program Example

    • Your Customer and What Is Missing

    • Restate As A Problem You Solve

    • Break the Problem You Solve Into Chunks

    • How You Deliver

    • Define As A Program

    • The transformation and setting your price

    • Wrap Up

  • 6

    The Final Elements: The Stakes and Call to Action

    • Define What Is At Stake

    • Another Way to Think About the Stakes

    • Call To Action

    • The Matrix

    • Follow up to the Matrix

    • Call to Action Part 2

    • Discovering The Call To Action

  • 7

    Bringing It All together

    • Craft Your Story

    • Submit Your Story

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